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Piaget Possession 18K Red Gold Necklace with Diamonds kKJpmC
Piaget Possession 18K Red Gold Necklace with Diamonds
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'America's Got Talent' finalists DIAVOLO bringing mix of dance, acrobatics to San Angelo

“This is the first time DIAVOLO has been in San Angelo, but also it’s really the first time there’s been anything like this in San Angelo at all.”


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Becca Nelson Sankey, Special to the Standard-Times Published 9:30 a.m. CT March 13, 2018

When DIAVOLO auditioned for the televised talent competition “America’s Got Talent”last year, its performers hoped for a new experience and more exposure, said group member and dancer Jessie Ryan.

They never imagined they’d be finalists.

“The producers liked us, the voters liked us,” Ryan said. “As we moved on from round to round, the turnaround got shorter, so we would have to produce brand-new pieces for television” with an increasingly tighter deadline.

“Toward the end we were pulling 10-hour rehearsals, sometimes even 14. We did that for a month straight with no days off, so we were absolutely exhausted, but we pushed ourselves to a point we didn’t know we could.”

"DIAVOLO: Architecture in Motion" will be at 7:30 p.m. March 20 at Murphey Performance Hall in the San Angelo Performing Arts Center, 82 Gillis St.

The group, which blends modern and traditional dance with acrobatics and aerial stunts (think giant, moving set pieces catapulting dancers into each other’s arms, set to music), will perform at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 20, at the Murphey Performance Hall, 72 W. College Ave.

“This is the first time DIAVOLO has been in San Angelo, but also it’s really the first time there’s been anything like this in San Angelo at all,” said Mark Levine, executive director of the San Angelo Performing Arts Center. “Prior to the Performing Arts Center opening up, we’ve really not had a space to accommodate these types of performances, so this is one of those things where we have an opportunity that a lot of folks don’t have and that we haven’t had in the past. For us to be able to make this happen for our community is just great.”

On Becoming a More “Fully Functioning” Organization

by Dr. Brian Higley

I recently met with an organizational leader and human potential expert, Dr. Margaret “Pat” Korb. At 85 years of age, Dr. Korb is still going strong – consulting, running trainings, and leading her organization, The Gestalt Center of Gainesville. During our meeting, she showed me a pamphlet written in the 1960’s by another expert in human potential, Dr. Carl Rogers.

The pamphlet was a summary of his decades of research into what increases the potential of human beings. As I browsed through the pamphlet, I realized to my surprise (and delight) that many of the ideas he was writing about over 40 years ago are only recently being brought into the business world via such influences as Jim Collins ( and ) Stephen Covey (in his newest work, ), and Jack Welch (in such works as ).

Dr. Carl Rogers’ major ideas, and some thoughts on how these ideas have positively impacted organizations over the last few decades, are listed below. These ideas may help you to create a more “fully functioning” organization – and help you to be a more satisfied individual as you build such an organization:

Some final thoughts on Fully Functioning Organizations: The more Fully Functioning organization accesses more of the minds, bodies, hearts, and “guts” of its people. Working at such an organization facilitates the development of a dynamic, fresh, and effective workforce that is not only built for positive change – it is filled with people constantly excited by it.

Movement and change supported by some constant processes are the essence of life – both for organizations and for individuals. Creating an organizational process that is more Fully Functioning will not only earn your money, but will also positively impact you, your employees, your clients, and your little part of the world. What could be more satisfying?

Article Filed under: I. WATER (Team/Group Excellence)

Decreasing “BS”: moving away from facades

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1. Business Trainer | July 9th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

Very well done. I’m delighted to have found your site.

I’m familiar with Dr. Carl Rogers work. I’ve also studied in depth Steven Covey’s books, and have met, trained with, and TRAINED leaders of various ceritfications (Covey Certified, Aubrey Daniels, etc.). It really looks like you’ve done a great job of bringing together materials from all those areas, and distilling them into one program!


Of course, the 50/30/20 budget isn’t a one-for-all deal. For example, individuals on the cusp of retirement and without any substantial savings might have to cut back on their spending and spend more than 20 percent of their income on retirement accounts.

In short: the amount to spend on rent is not set in stone; it is variable.

Of course, the above-mentioned models give you a good idea about the percentage of income you should allot for housing.

But when all’s said and done, you need to take a closer look at the budget in hand and consider the goals who wish to fulfill before taking the final call on the rent amount you can afford.

Renting an apartment is all about knowing what’s best for you and exploring the available options. The housing market is booming in various parts of the world, and you need to pick the opportune moment to secure the best rental amount.

But whatever you do, make sure you do not overspend. After all, whether you’re single or a family man/woman, you have other needs that must be met, and those cost a lot.

So, plan carefully and find a worthwhile apartment that not only costs a reasonable sum each month but gives you a chance to increase your long-term savings.

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Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) reveals the mostpeaceful countries in the world.Despite living in the most peaceful century in human history, the world has become less peaceful over the last decade.

Peace, some people say, starts with a smile. But ask anyone who lives in one of the most peaceful countries in the world, and they will probably tell you that it is the other way around. These most peaceful nations also enjoy lower interest rates, a stronger currency and higher foreign investment -- not to mention better political stability and stronger correlation with the individual level of perceived happiness. Sadly, the economic impact of violence is quantifiable too: on a global scale, in 2017 it amounted to $14.76 trillion in purchasing-power parity (PPP) terms, or to 12.4% of the total global gross domestic product (if the sheer scale of these figures makes them a little hard to grasp, we are talking about $1,988 for each person on the planet).

These are the most significant takeaways from the 2018 Global Peace Index compiled by the international think-tank Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) covering 163 independent states and territories home to 99.7% of the world’s population. The ranking, which is based on 23 indicators grouped into three criteria (societal safety and security, extent of ongoing domestic and international conflict and degree of militarization), paints a sobering picture: global peace has declined by 0.27% in the last year, the fourth consecutive annual drop, making the world less peaceful today than at any time in the last decade. In the meantime, the number of refugees has rocketed to 1% of the global population, the highest level in modern history.

While it certainly comes as no surprise that many longstanding tensions and conflicts, especially in the Middle East, remain unresolved, even the most peaceful regions – Europe, Asia-Pacific and especially South America – recorded deteriorations. And for anyone wondering whether US President Trump’s “America First” policy is working, it should be noted that he most likely wasn’t referring to the Global Peace Index: the United States dropped seven spots to 121, well behind Cuba (81) and China (114) and a little too close to the least peaceful country in the world, Syria (163).

Here are the top 10 most peaceful countries of 2018.

Prosperous and developed, the 77th smallest country in the world maintains the tenth spot in the Global Peace Index, which it shared last year with Japan. Due to its independent status and neutral army, Ireland is routinely ranked as one of safest countries in the world. Sense of personal safety, together with air access and positive publicity, has also contributed to Ireland's booming tourism in recent years.

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